Please note that the Kendo nagasaki web store is now closed - Our new web store is on EBAY -

Welcome to the Kendo Nagasaki Web Store!


Here we offer a range of clothing, artworks, and accessories which all celebrate the iconic and mystical Kendo Nagasaki.


As Kendo is synonymous with so many different qualities in life, ranging from sporting excellence to mysticism to self-improvement to business excellence, the range of items on offer will continue to grow and evolve, bringing the symbolism of the Nagasaki influence to all walks of life.

Please check back regularly - you can enhance your own life with items which represent the Nagasaki strengths which you wish to express in your own life, or you may find the perfect inspiring, motivating, or mystical gift for someone special!

Finally, if there's something you'd like to see available on the Nagasaki Web Store, just drop us a line at






INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING - PLEASE NOTE: We will ship world-wide, but to do so we must arrange shipping outside the Store. If you are outside the UK and want to buy an item, tell us what you'd like in the Contact Us form, and we'll send you a quote including shipping to your country.